With over a decade of expertise in the printing industry, UK Printing Company excels in textile printing and print on demand. Bringing products, brands and ideas to life we are able to work with you from the initial enquiry to the final realised product.

Print-to-Order (also called Print-on-Demand) is a system which enables people and companies to print individual copies of specific artwork.

Every item is made bespoke to each individual order. The print process is carried out by digital technology as traditional printing methods are not as economical.


With your e-commerce system seamlessly integrated with your Print-to-Order fulfilment partner, you can offer high-quality print on demand products.

You can also offer customers a wide choice of products, made to your exact specification and designed to last.

Your Print-to-Order fulfilment partner will carefully print, your products and deliver to your customer under white label.

Customers with low order volume & don't want to integrate with our system.

1. Setup the product you want to sell on your website
2. When you receive an order process the order manually at
3. Find the product/s you require at then upload the design
4. Add them to your cart
5. Proceed to Checkout and enter your customer's shipping address
6. Checkout & Pay Online

OMS Order Management System

Each customer is assigned an account where you will have access to all correspondence with us. On your UK Printing Company portal, you can keep track of open and completed orders.

The portal also enables you to view Order Status and Tracking Numbers  Click Here

CPP Product Creator

Product Creator is product creation, management & publishing platform for personalised, personalised and on-demand products. It then enables the automatic generation of print ready artwork or appropriate automated fulfilment request.

Product Creator  Click Here

Integration Options



Trade Portal

You can order from our trade portal UK Print on Demand Click Here


CSV is pre-populated in the correct format (file type: comma separated CSV UTF-8)
Click Here to Download CSV Example

All artwork must be sent to the correct size the templates we send are the size we require. (see artwork template Click Here)
All artwork must be sent in format JPEG
UK Printing Company’s SKU should always be used
External artwork links should be publicly available.
Shipping Codes ISO Alpha-2 Numeric Country Codes-

Callback File
Click Here to Download CSV Example


order.external_ref = Order Number
order.shipping_carrier = Carrier
order.shipping_method = Method
order.shipping_company = Shipping Company Name
order.customer_name = Shipping Customer Name
order.customer_email = Shipping Customer Email
order.shipping_address_1 = Shipping Address Line 1
order. shipping _address_2 = Shipping Address Line 2
order. shipping _address_3 = Shipping Address Town
order. shipping _address_4 = Shipping Address City
order. shipping _postcode = Shipping Postcode
order.shipping_country_code = Country Code
item.sku = UK Printing Companys Base SKU

item.retail_sku = Retail SKU (CPP Retailer SKU)
item.print_on_demand_ref = POD Code (CPP Print on Demand Reference)
item.description = UK Printing Company Product Description
item.quantity  = Item Quantity
item.type = URL Artwork = 1, Retailer SKU = 3
item.external_url = Artwork URL (publicly available)
item.external_thumbnail_url = Thumbnail Artwork URL (publicly available)


Example Sheet Click Here

How to Send Order

1. Upload your artwork and thumbnail to the google drive we have provided.
2. Make sure your artwork and thumbnail are listed in the artwork database and URL check is 200 for both.
3. Input your order on the "Order Tab"
4. Once completed go to the "Download Order File.csv" tab and download the file as CSV
5. Email your order or upload to the Google drive if we have enabled this integration for you.


UK Printing Company can help you integrate your e-commerce platform with your Print-on-Demand fulfilment partner via an API. Just click on Contact Us below to get in touch to talk custom prints!

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